Control System Design and Development


We work closely with our clients to develop a project scope from their initial idea. At this point we explain any options that may affect the cost or functionality of the project, often trading one off against the other to ensure a cost effective solution that satisfies our client's needs. From the scope AAAV Systems will develop a system blueprint specifying the technical aspects of the system. Once a system has been specified and given the go ahead we manufacture the system in house before conducting thorough tests. The system can be demonstrated to the client, after which modifications can be made before the system is delivered with warranty and documentation.

Our wide experience with hands on knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrically driven systems enables us to understand the requirements and operation of mechanical systems that often have the biggest single impact on the "guests" to an attraction. This understanding along with the knowledge of the importance of the various component parts of any "show", lighting, sound, motion and physical stimulus, allows us to utilise all elements of an installation to maximise the impact on visitors.

Aswell as high end (high cost) systems, we understand the importance of delivery on tight budgets for maximum impact; projects such as Warning Zone rely on cost effective high impact effects.

We can also work with you to develop existing systems by adding functionality or bringing them up to date to ensure that they are robust and integrate well with other systems you have on site. This fully integrated approach can help you manage the flow of guests ensuring you get full efficiency from your attraction.

Perhaps you just need to add some new effects to an old attraction but your on-site team are stumped by the lack of control outputs, we are expert at adding new sub-systems to enhance the functionality of what you already have.

As well as altering existing systems, we design and build our own systems to incorporate redundancy and flexibility for later additions and alterations on site. During our build and development at Warning Zone, the timing system that controlled the smooth flow of visitors and hosts around the zone was effortlessly developed to add on simple user inputs that allowed the site team to alter timing sequences depending on the use of the zone for different functions.