Maintenance and Servicing

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The majority of systems that we install are run intensively over the holiday periods where it is essential to generate enough revenue in a short time to support the attraction year round. We are committed to ensuring that reliability is priority number one and understand how just an hours down-time can affect your business. For this reason we provide exceptional support and maintenance to follow up any project to ensure its smooth integration and running. We are also happy to inspect and service any existing shows you have and are great at coming up with low cost repairs, developments and additions to keep your attraction profitable all season.

In addition to low level maintenace we have also completed large scale renewal such as the refurbishment of the whole lower floor of York Dungeon following severe floods; although everything had been built to deal with a certain degree of water ingress a particularly bad flood resulted in a complete strip out and the refurbishment and subsequent re-installation of 7 show areas to a tight budget. The site was unlucky enough to suffer the same fate a few years later, but due to good design, the costs for the second refurbishment were far lower and the site was open for business much faster than the first time.

Maintenance and call out can be supplied to cover the full range of Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical services as well as scenic refurbishment.

We have experience over a wide range including pneumatics, hydraulics, motors and drives, PLC and PC based control systems, audio/visual equipment and more basic electrical installation.