AAAV Systems can source and install a huge range of Control, Audio Visual and bespoke animation equipment. Whether it is a custom built new install or integrating new equipment with your existing shows. We have experience working in really diverse locations, including listed buildings (Warwick Castle) Steel Boats (Mincarlo) and with a whole array of outdoor and touring systems. Our site work takes us right across Europe (and occasionally further afield) bringing with us everything we need to complete complex and diverse installations.

Our first large scale project on a listed building was at Warwick Castle. Here we had to deal with planning issues and the restrictions imposed on listed buildings but maintain the overall design goals such as include signalling from area to area so that the flow of visitors could be as smooth as possible and to utilise as much of the existing cabling and audio system as possible.

In contrast to the large scale and protected status at Warwick Castle but still with an emphasis on preservation, the restored Mincarlo Sidewinder Trawler also posed installation issues for the centrally powered and controlled soundscape audio system. The audio system had to be installed perminently but with as little impact on the fabric of the Trawler as possible; this resulted in some ingenious cable runs both using existing cable tray and some runs though pipes and ducts that were originally for totally different purposes but did connect the different locations.

On scope can vary from project to project in order to meet strict budgets, we installed over 5.5 kilometres of cable whilst carrying out a complete install at Blackpool Tower durning the development for the new Dungeon, again dealing with the issues of re-developing an old building. Where as at Linnanmäki local contractors installed all cabling and services to our drawings in order to minimise the time spent on site.

As well as new builds we have also been fortunate (or unfortunate?) enough to have worked on the refurbishment of the whole lower floor of York Dungeon following severe floods; although everything had been built to deal with a certain degree of water ingress a particularly bad flood resulted in a complete strip out and the refurbishment and subsequent re-installation of 7 show areas. The site was unlucky enough to suffer the same fate a few years later, but due to good design, the costs for the second refurbishment were far lower and the site was open for business much faster than the first time.