AAAV Systems have a unique knowledge of control systems spanning the industrial, commercial and entertainment industries. This gives us the ability to develop practical, cost effective and most importantly robust solutions to your problems. With our help you can be sure that bespoke and complex projects will be delivered on time and on budget.

The team at Warning Zone had been running a safety workshop and had secured funding to build a semi-perminent walk through based on 8 themes. Each area needed cost effective interactives or effects that would convey or re-inforce the safety theme for that area in a short time. We got involved with the project from a very early stage and through the development design, build and install worked very closely with the client to keep to a very tight budget, specifying much of the basic equipment for Warning Zone to source directly and focusing our efforts on the more complex items. We also worked closely with the scenic team to ensure the equipment could be kept as robust as possible. Through visitor feedback; due to the flexibility of the initial equipment selection, we were easily able to re-program and move items around the zone to make the most of hardware, giving greater levels of impact on the visitors; we continued to assist in the development of each area and subsequently installed new features as further sponsorship was secured.

We have experience in teaching and ran a 10 day course for the students at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts about how to implement Show Control Systems. We are keen to see this course adapted for other uses and are always happy to work with enthusiastic young people to see their project completed successfully, as we did with the students at the Denes High School as part of the Mincarlo Trawler project.

We are always happy to have a chat with you to see how we can lend our skills to your project, we get some really odd calls and always do our best to help. We once received a call from the special effects crew who were on set filming the Matrix sequels in Australia and spent some 2 hours on the phone discussing the application of various smoke effects.