Automated Systems


As mentioned previously, whether you require large distributed multi-channel audio, video and projection systems, an industrial control system to run hydraulics, pneumatics and motor drives, or just a small stand alone audio repeater to sit in a display, we can fulfil your needs.

This often makes clients think that things will be diffucult to operate but we design our systems with the onsite team in mind from the start.

We try keep it as simple as possible for the site operator. Even our bigger systems often just have a single button that operates a programmed power up and power down sequence, and the shows will be operated by the minimum number of controls possible with as much as possible automated and intregrated, including fire alarm and safety systems, for ease we can also put in maintenance modes.

We often have multiple modes of operation so that staff numbers can be reduced on quiet days, so shows can be totally stand alone or have actor/host elements when it's busier.