Audio Visual

Audio Effects and Music


Most jobs that we do involve working with ambient and triggered sound effects, we supply a wide range of solutions from self contained units the size of a shoebox to Fridge/Freezer sized monster amp racks.

From a simple push button information point right through to ultra-realistic surround sound sequenced to animated monsters, water squirts and real fireballs!


There are some really interesting ways we can bring video content into shows without making people feel like they are watching TV. We have regularly produce Talking heads, bringing a variety of characters to life including a 13th century monk for Warwick Castle Dungeon and for one attraction we have two heads talking to each other.

Other ways you might want to include video could include a peppers ghost image floating in mid air, linked accross several screens, as a response to a button press or sensor trigger, projected into mid air on a piece of gauze or perhaps just a painting that comes to life!

We can also produce very effective interactives such as Where in the World at Drusillas.


Essential to tie all the effects together and set the tone, we usually design lighting systems that are highly integrated with the other effects in the show. We hide miniscule LED's in the scenery for subtle lighting effects, hang full theatrical luminaires from the ceiling for full blown automated theatre shows like the Cowboy show at Sundown Adventureland or hide hundreds of fibre optics in treasure to make it glow! Whatever the attraction well integrated lighting can make a huge difference to the atmosphere.